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AI Powered Analytics And Pump Control For The Energy Industry

Introducing Wellwatcher 

The affordable remote monitoring and control solution for oil and gas producers


Our patent pending Wellwatcher unit provides independent oil and gas operators with the relevant data necessary to more effectively run their business. Utilizing the latest advances in AI and IoT (Internet of Things) technology we provide our clients with tools that drastically increase productivity, prevent premature equipment failure and significantly improve operational efficiency. All while realizing a significant return on investment. Work smarter with Wellwatcher!

Wellwatcher Unit
Made In The USA

Telemetry Data Collection & Analysis

We are exclusively focused on pumpjack monitoring and control.  Our patent pending solution includes all hardware and software required to monitor your well and optionally make adjustments remotely.  Our system also can optimize pump timing to increase production and reduce costs.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Utilizing the latest in AI and IoT technology combined with our proprietary software, we are able to provide our clients with a level of pumping control and data analysis that was previously only available to the largest oil producing companies.

Affordable Remote Monitoring & Control

For less than $2 per day we provide our clients with the ability to remotely monitor and control their pumping operations saving time and money while increasing productivity. All at a fraction of the cost of comparable  solutions on the market.

Leader in Intelligent Data Management

We are the leader in intelligent data management for the energy sector, offering innovative solutions to help our clients optimize their operation and improve their bottom line.


Don Shackelford - Shackelford Oil Company

“Normally our pumpers only see a well for 5 minues a day. Wellwatcher is able to see what is happening continuously and alert us if there is a problem. This allows us to get the pumpers to the right well to address issues much more quickly."
Wellwatcher Dashboard

Easy To Use Dashboard

Wellwatcher Pin Timer
Wellwatcher Current Status Map

Real Time Status Map

Remote Well Control With Virtual Pin and Percentage Timers

Abstract Background

Telemetry Insight by the Numbers


Data Points Collected Daily

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